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About us

about us

My name is Jeff Jones. I'm a cyclist committed to the non-suspended bicycle. My ideas and passion have created an exceptional ride - a trail-blazing geometry that delivers superb handling, comfort and efficiency. My bikes are available in titanium and steel, to be ridden off-road (and on) for exploring and racing, adventures and fun. They are outrageously responsive bicycles - frame and forks designed in harmony to provide a rigid bicycle that is anything but. A pure cycling experience like no other.

Jones Sizing

Jones Bikes Sizing

Jones bikes come in three sizes, two geometry types (SWB and LWB), and two frame designs (Spaceframe and Diamond).  Not all frames are available in all sizes. To find out which size you may need please check the Basic Size Chart below.

Basic Size Chart

Rider Height


Frame Design

5’ - 5’8”


Diamond or Spaceframe

5’2” - 6’2”



5’7” - 6’2”



6’ - 6’6”


Diamond or Spaceframe


More information about the differences in sizing between the different frame designs is available by scrolling down.

Note: if you fit multiple sizes, scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info.  

Frameset only size availability (S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large, NA = Not Available)

Frameset Only

Plus LWB

Plus SWB

Titanium Spaceframe

S, M, L


Steel Spaceframe



Titanium Diamond frame

M, L


Steel Diamond frame

M, L



Now that you know what frame size and frame design you should be looking for please check the chart above to see what is available in your size.

Jones Plus SWB Complete Bicycle size availability (S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large)

Complete Bike Only

Plus SWB

Steel Diamond frame

S, M, L

More information

We have two geometries (Plus SWB/Jones 29*, and Plus LWB), and they are different, but the fit and sizing are the same.  This means that if you fit a medium in a Plus SWB/Jones 29*, you’ll also fit a medium in a Plus LWB.

Not all variations are available.

Sizing differences between Spaceframe and Diamond frame

We have two frame designs: Spaceframe and Diamond frame.  

  • The Spaceframe will fit shorter riders or those with shorter legs because it has more standover, which is why some riders that wouldn’t fit a size medium in a Diamond frame will fit a size medium in a Spaceframe. 
  • The Diamond frame, with its traditional top tube has a higher standover, which means that while the stack and reach are the same as they would be on another Jones frame of the same size, it may have higher top tube (and therefore, higher standover).  This is why it fits a narrower range of rider-heights than it's Spaceframe counterparts of the same size. 

If you fit multiple sizes, which should you choose?

  • If you’re planning on bikepacking or touring, a larger Diamond Frame is good because it has more framepack capacity, so you might choose the large instead of a medium for that reason.
  • If you’re riding in very technical terrain most of the time, you might prefer a smaller frame size or a Spaceframe design in order to get the extra standover clearance which will help you to move around on the bike more easily.
  • If you have shorter legs, you would probably be better off with the smaller size frame to ensure that you have enough standover clearance.

 Finally, if you're just not sure, feel free to contact us

General differences between Spaceframe and Diamond frame

  • The Spaceframe design was Jeff’s original frame design, and he designed it to help him navigate the rocks and logs in the mountains of Southern Oregon.  The frame’s top tube is low and out-of-the-way, which keeps the bike out of your way on the bike in steep, technical terrain. A side benefit of the low-slung design is that it’s also great for those with shorter legs because the frame has a very low standover height.  Its 3D Spaceframe design allows the rear end to flex vertically which makes for a smooth ride, without the frame flexing torsionally. These flex characteristics are most noticeable on the titanium version because of the inherent flexibility of that material.
  • The Diamond frame design, on the other hand, has much larger framepack and water bottle capacity, making it more suited for bikepacking and other type of riding where carrying capacity is needed.  The simple frame design is also lighter and less expensive to produce, so these frames are more affordable.

They’re both great!

*The Jones 29 frames are no longer produced.  They are succeed ed by the Jones Plus SWB, which is the evolution of that original frame design.  The Jones Plus SWB continues the nimble handling of the original Jones 29, but updates it with the latest thru-axle standards, bottle cage and rack mounting, and larger tire clearances!